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Oliver Milburn

loved for the life in him...

Oliver Milburn Community
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This community is dedicated to Oliver Milburn... Will put a picture up soon... and add more biographical info as it becomes available.


What is more than welcome:
- Images/icons/photo-manips/screen caps
- News
- Rants/ravings/observations/insights
- Fics/drabbles/ficlets/dialogues and so on (real person and character oriented)
- Challenges/plot-bunnies/beta-reader searches/recs
- Pimping of Oliver Milburn oriented sites
- Anything else that is on topic

What is generally allowable (within moderation and reason):
- I Will allow gossip but it must be labeled as such (gossip HERE is differentiated from "News" by the number of confirmed, reliable sources... in order to be considered news, the tid-bit must be published in at least two reliable sources).
- You can speculate on his lovelife... However, all of that speculation must go behind an LJ-cut (or an off-site link) and must be clearly labled as speculation so that those of us that would like to avoid the madness can do so very easily.
- Comments about his (presumed or confirmed) significant other/s-- again, however, I have some provisos. Epithets towards them (i.e. "bitch," "witch," "hag," "f*ckwit," "twit" etc.) are not allowed. You can express your opinion on how Oliver's significant other looks and how he looks with her, but try to be as respectful as possible. (There are nice ways to express a negative opinion, afterall.)
- The sexual orientation debate but I reserve the right to change the allowability of this. If it gets crazy and I read, "I know someone who knows someone who knows someone that was his roommate and s/he said that [insert crass/obscene statement here]..." I will shut down the topic. Period. I'm trusting that if this topic is brought up, it is done so with the utmost respect. This topic also follows the same general guidelines as the "lovelife speculation" topic... behind a cut or an off-community link.
- Images that could bear an R-rating on the screen, but R-rated images must be behind a cut and marked age appropriately. I do not want e-mails from angry mums.
- Smut-fic... I will allow things posted into the NC-17 range, but again, this must be labeled as such.

Not allowable:
- Obscene images
- Epithets abusing Mr. Milburn or the people around him
- Flames

Other General Guidelines:
-Actual Fic text exceeding 200 words behind a cut
-Big and multiple images behind a cut
-Small teaser images are welcome
-Be considerate and respectful