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Changed the default icon of the community...

And right now I'm putting out a call for someone to maybe co-moderate this board with me... Perhaps someone who's on top of all of Oliver's news and movies...

Oliver heard on BBC Radio

This was posted anonymously in the comments of my last icon-post.

Hello, Oliverfiles.

Oz is currently staring on a BBC radio program of Nicholas Nickelby (sp?). Go to BBC.com.uk and search for oliver milburn. Click on any of the radio links and you should be able to listen from there. You can listen to episodes up to 7 days old - each episode is 15 min long.


Where have we gone?

Let me first start by thanking the poster that notified us that Mr. and Mrs. Milburn are safe and have survived the tsunami.

My second order of business...

I offer up two Oliver icons... one from Forsyte, the other with two screencaps (one of which I did, the other which I found at the yahoo! group). So without further gilding the lily, and with no more ado:

1. 2.

Comment please... credit if you want, but is not essential (I know how it is trying to keep track of randomly saved icons)... And please, feel free to use...
    Notice the eye liner!

Wallpaper challenge?

Just to keep this community from being entirely dead... I'll throw out a challenge of sorts. Can anyone out there make a wallpaper of Oliver with a night-time city skyline as a backdrop? I would take a stab at it, but I need to figure out how to change my DVD player on this computer from playing region 2 back to region 1. (Doesn't it suck to be back in Los Angeles?)

Oliver is engaged...

The Times announced his engagement this week to Katie Razzle.

I'm familiar with her because she was once very seriously involved with Damian Lewis (who attended Eton with Oliver Milburn in addition to co-staring with him in FS2)... and I used to be a Damo fanatic.

Anyways, all the best to them both...

"His name's Angel...Angel Clare..."

Was watching Tess of the D'Urbervilles earlier, and made these caps, which I thought I would share, of the lovely Angel Clare...

a couple more...Collapse )

And I made these couple of icon bases out of them...